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Going Green – Reducing the Use of Plastics in Our Shipping

At Bewley Irish Imports we are continually examining ways we can be more environmentally friendly in our daily business activities, and this includes taking a hard look at the types of packing materials we use when we ship our products. We knew we wanted to reduce the use of plastics in our shipments, but we weren’t sure of the most efficient and effective way to do it.

After consulting with HSM of America they steered us to the HSM ProfiPack C400 packaging machine. This machine allows us in one easy step to transform the cardboard from incoming shipments into packaging material we can use in outgoing shipments, giving us the ability to protect our products with less plastic.

We are thankful to HSM for helping us in our initiative to Go Green. Look for our recycled cardboard material in your next shipment from Bewley Irish Imports!

recycled cardboard shipping material
HSM ProfiPack C400 packaging machine
HSM ProfiPack C400 packaging machine in action
HSM ProfiPack C400 packaging machine in action
Recycled cardboard packing material
Boxes of Bewley's tea protected by recycled cardboard material
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