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Flahavan’s Irish Porridge Oats (Flake)

5.0 (16 reviews)


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Only the best oats grown in the rich Irish soil, harvested at their ripest and finely milled go into every bag of Flahavan’s. Flahavan’s Irish Porridge Oats are made at the family mill in Co. Waterford, Ireland. The oats are harvested and the unique milling process cooks the oats twice, giving Flahavan’s Irish Porridge Oats their distinctive creamy texture and taste.

Irish Porridge Oats are ready to eat in approximately 3 minutes.

Ingredients: Wholegrain Rolled Oats.
*Kosher Certified*

1lb 1.5oz bag (500g)

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16 reviews for Flahavan’s Irish Porridge Oats (Flake)

  1. Robert Davenport (verified owner)

    The best 3 minute oatmeal I’ve ever tried. Next my daughter tried it and it’s her favorite as well. My wife finally got tired of hearing me rave about my oatmeal in the morning and had some. Now she’s eating it a couple of times a week. It’s that good.

  2. Abigail Collins (verified owner)

    I learned about Flahavan’s from an Irish friend, and am now set for breakfast for the rest of my life. I hope that Bewley’s will always be there to supply me with this great product; their customer service is top-notch and I’d much rather support a family business than a e-tail behemoth.

  3. Tom Rupert (verified owner)

    We’ve been enjoying Flahsvans Irish Porridge for several years. It is without exception the best. Bewley ‘s customer service is outstanding. Barb and Tom

  4. Dónal Rafferty (verified owner)

    The taste of home ☘️ that gets me going in the morning! Can’t beat it!

  5. kkobaltimore (verified owner)

    Fabulous! There’s really no turning back to other oats.

  6. Jolene Hetherington (verified owner)

    I discovered Flahavan’s Irish Porridge Oats on a trip to Ireland and never looked back. I enjoy it for breakfast before work. The night before I put the milk, oats, and some dried cherries in a glass measuring cup and place it in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning it goes into the microwave for about 2 1/2 minutes on high before my shower. Then, after I get dressed my oatmeal is perfect, ready to eat and begin my day with a delicious breakfast. Highly recommend it!!!! I always order from Bewley’s because they have excellent customer service. It’s the only way to go!

  7. Kathryn Strick (verified owner)

    Best ever…oatmeal, imported teas and food, and customer service. Shop here at Bewley’s online for the best prices on the best ever Flahavan oatmeal. The handwritten appreciation notes and product samples are a testament to the care this company gives each and every customer who purchases their authentic and healthy products. Try the cookies, the tea, the lemon curd…soooo good. The world is a better place with Bewley’s and it’s staff.

  8. ELIZABETH GABAY (verified owner)

    Great oatmeal. I add about 1/3 cup of frozen fruit (right out of the freezer bag) to the oatmeal and water mixture before putting it in the microwave.

  9. Robert Selrman

    Delicious! Don’t even need to cook them. With berries of all varieties. Yum, yum, yum!

  10. scobertlopatto (verified owner)

    I eat these oats raw with mixed berries and oat milk. Delicious and healthy.

  11. Beth Gunderson (verified owner)

    My husband eats this oatmeal every morning. We had gone through a lot of different varieties until we discovered Flahavan’s and now he’s hooked!

  12. John (verified owner)

    Flahavan’s is the best oatmeal I’ve ever tasted. It is delicious and just what you want to start your day. I like it with fruit added, raisins, blueberries or bananas. They all taste great with Flahavans.

  13. Forman Don (verified owner)

    Best oatmeal on the market. Been eating Flahavan for a few years now. Besides having for breakfast eat for a snack too. Bewley has great customer service and fast shipping.

  14. Robert William McKinney

    I am the person Gerry Mandel visited in Grand Lake, Colorado. I still eat Flahavan oatmeal. Just the best.

  15. Mimi

    I fancy myself an oatmeal afficianado; and Flahaven’s Oatmeal is by far and away the best. The overnight in the frig process is the best – creamy and flavorful . I buy it six packages at a time to share with friends, now Flahavan converts.

  16. Gerry Mandel

    Three years ago I was staying with a friend in Grand Lake, Colorado. On a chilly morning he asked if I would like some oatmeal. I said yes, expecting one of the usual store-bought brands. He said “Have you ever had Flahavan’s?” I’d never heard of it. Needless to say, it was the best oatmeal I’d ever had. And since that visit, I’ve kept Flahavan in my cabinet, and have even given packages of it to friends. This is incredibly delicious, rich, distinctive oatmeal unlike anything I’ve tried elsewhere. Plain, or with fruit…it’ll make your mornings a lot happier. And from now on, I’ll order it directly from Bewley instead of Bezos.

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