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Sweet Rewards Program - FAQ

Unsure how to sign up for our Sweet Rewards Program, how to access your Sweet Rewards Account, or have a question about the program? You’ve come to the right place!


  1. You must have an account set up on to earn and redeem points. Purchases made on or our wholesale site DO NOT QUALIFY for the Rewards program, and purchase amounts from the Shop site cannot be transferred to the Retail site for application to the Sweet Rewards Program.
  2. Make sure you are logged into your account before making a purchase in order to collect points earned for purchases. If you are not logged into your account and instead checkout as a “guest” your points will not be applied to your Rewards account.
  3. Looking for detailed instructions on how to redeem points and apply your coupon?  CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions.

How To Access Your SWEET REWARDS Account


In the menu, click on

Access Sweet Rewards Account - Step 1


On the Account Page LOGIN  with your Shopper Username or Email Address, and Password.
(If you forgot your password, click on “Lost your password”)

Register with a valid email address to set up an account with Bewley Irish Imports. Upon registration you will receive an email with information about the Sweet Rewards Program.

Access Sweet Rewards Account - Step 2


After login, click on the Sweet Rewards Program link in the side menu to access your Rewards Dashboard.

Access Sweet Rewards Account - Step 3


In the Sweet Rewards Dashboard you can access your History, Ways to Earn Points, and view My Rewards. From here you obtain coupon codes you’ve redeemed for use on the checkout page.

Access Sweet Rewards Account - Step 4


You can also access your account through the Sweet Rewards Program button at the bottom of your screen.  Clicking this button will take you to the account login screen. If you are already logged in, your Sweet Rewards Dashboard will appear.

Sweet Rewards access


How to Redeem Points from Check Out

IMPORTANT – If you have selected a charitable donation or a product as your reward, make sure you have added the item to your cart prior to applying your code.


Once you are ready to check out (from the checkout screen, not the cart), select “View Loyalty Dashboard” under your total.

redeem coupon - step 1


This will open your dashboard. If you have not yet redeemed your points, selects the “my rewards” tab. Coupons, donations, and rewards that you have enough available points for will appear darker than items you do not have enough points for.

redeem coupon at checkout - step 2


After selecting what you would like to use your points for, we will ask for you to confirm that you want to use that many points for it.

redeem coupon at checkout - step 3


A unique one-time code will be created just for you and your points will be deducted. Be sure to copy this code before you exit the screen.

If you forget to copy the code, you can easily find it again! Select the “View Loyalty Dashboard” again and go to “History.”

Here you will see all the points you have earned and redeemed. The top line will be your most recent transaction, with your unique code.

redeem coupon at checkout - step 3b


Once you have your code saved, you can exit the Sweet Rewards pop-up.
Scroll to the top of the page and find “Click here to enter your coupon code.”

This will drop down so that you can use your coupon.

After you apply your coupon, you can scroll down to your total again and see that it has been applied.

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