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About Bewley's of Ireland

The History of Bewley’s of Ireland

Bewley’s of Ireland has been perfecting the craft of tea and coffee making for many generations. With over 600 million cups of tea and coffee served worldwide every year, it shows that we know a thing or two about crafting the perfect taste for even the pickiest of palettes! Read on to learn more about the rich history of Bewley’s of Ireland.

In 1833 The East India Trading Company saw an end to their tea monopoly that had lasted for over 200 years. British manufacturers, supporting free trade, forced the Company’s charter to abandon its control on dealings in Canton, China. Tea merchants all over the world were now free to do business, but it wasn’t until two years later that someone did.

In 1835, Samuel Bewley and his son Charles made history as the first people to import tea directly from Canton, China to Dublin, Ireland. Their first ship, The Hellas, carried over 2,000 chests of tea and many more soon followed.

Five years later, in 1840 Samuel’s other son, Joshua Bewley opened the first Bewley’s Oriental Café in Dublin. In keeping with the family business, Ernest Bewley, Joshua’s son, opened the Westmoreland Street Café in 1896. His motto was “I want the best of everything and that’s not good enough.” For him quality was the essence of the business and that philosophy did, and continues to, permeate all of the Bewley endeavors.

The many cafés that the Bewley Company has opened in Dublin, and more recently across Ireland, have captured the hearts of locals as well as foreign visitors. The crackling log fires, the aroma of burning turf, the warm mahogany paneled walls and the bright sunlight filtering through the many magnificent stained-glass windows, combined with the scent of freshly made coffee and oven warmed scones, are the essence of the Bewley’s Cafés.

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